October 1 2000

Hello again everyone, I would like to start this article by thanking all of you who have stopped by this site. In the short time since it's startup, We have grown steadily each day. As those of you that come by frequently already know, we are updating,changing or moving things on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, So Thanks Again. We have moved our last article on the proposed gun bill to the previous articles section. If you have not already read it I ask you to do so, and write or email our Senators. The weather in the last couple of weeks has been more like late November than September, and it has been fantastic weather for bowhunting and fishing. The Bass are really comin' on in the mornings on the Kentucky River.Fishin' Shad colored baits around the deadfalls,stumps and creeks or streams early in the morning, right now is a real producer. Also the Catfish seem to be comin' on good too. Me and the Father-In-law took a Flathead off a limb line this weekend that went right at 40lbs! Catchin' the bluegill for the bait..., that aint so easy right now though. We will be postin' some of our photo's in the next few days. So be sure to send us your's for postin'. We have added a link on our front page to find your Deer Season zones and dates. Speakin' of Deer season, with the cool mornings we have had in the last couple of weeks, I have seen an Increase in the Deer movin' and foragin' in the fields around a farm I hunt on. As the weather turns cooler and the Human supplied buffet(gardens) dies off, the Deer will be movin' around alot until the mast begins to drop.I Hope to have you all a real up close and personal report on the numbers of Deer around where I hunt(hope it's one less after next weekend).As the deer herd in Kentucky grows, we are given a great oppurtunity to harvest a world class Buck right here. But we have to do our part, I know of several hunters that have not and will not take a doe. In order for our continued level of quality Deer huntin', Please pass on the young Buck and take a Doe. If you Don't want the meat, I'm sure you know of someone who would. Also you could donate the meat to Hunters For The Hungry. Once again, Thanks for stoppin' by,

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