Sept. 13 2000 Hello , again everyone, and welcome back! It has been about two weeks since we started this site with our first article,since then alot has happened! First and foremost being that Dove season has opened, the birds are a flyin' and so is the shot! To be honest , with keepin' up with this site and workin'(yea I gotta work too!), and gettin' ready for upcoming archery season, I haven't been huntin' or fishin' in the last two weeks. A friend of mine over at Richmond has been catchin' some good numbers of Crappie at Wilgreen Lake almost daily. The fishin' on the Kentucky River has been VERY SLOW according to my Father-In-Law(River-rat to me and Mother-In-Law). At this time of the year remember to watch for snakes while in the woods. It is good excercise and good safety practice to step up on and over a log rather then just stepping over! Check yourself well for ticks after you get home,and hope for an early frost! We will soon be posting recipes for your fish and game,each will be tried believe me! Also as this site progresses,we will be adding gun shows and expo information. And we are proud to announce that our site is now much easier to access just type in: outdoorsinkentucky into your title bar, and please remember to bookmark us! Please watch this page for updates, as we will be putting more information as you help us tailor it to be YOUR Homepage! Well, i'm gone, see ya' in awhile! P.S. Thanks to all of you who have visited and give me input!

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