Aging Your Deer

Your deer needs to be field dressed as soon as you get it tagged. This starts the cooling process.The quicker you get the meat cooling the better chance you have of the meat not spoiling. These Kentucky hunting seasons are quite unpredictable,It has been quite warm over the last couple of Gun seasons. The number one mistake made by most hunters, is leaving the hide on the animal. First and foremost you need to get the meat temperature down to decrease the chance of spoilage. Also the hide is much easier to remove off a fresh kill. I have found those mesh game bags to be exellent to age deer. The best temperature for aging meat is between 33-45 degrees. If the nighttime temperature gets down in the low forties and your deer is in a well shaded area,it can handle 55 degree daytime temps. If the flies are in the air it is too warm, quarter your meat and age it in the refrigerator. 5-7 days is about how much time your deer will need to age.

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