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October 12, 2000

Hello again everyone, and welcome to our latest article. Well, in my last article I told you that I would try to give you some info on the numbers of deer out where I hunt. Well I'm sorry to tell you all that I did not fill up the freezer this weekend. but I did get in some good scouting for my next trip out. The area I primarily hunt was what I would call lightly logged out last winter.It seems to have affected the deer travel routes around the farm. I did find that they are still using the heavier traveled routes that they always did,but it seems the numbers are down.We just are not seeing as many deer as we usually see this time of year.I am not sure if they have just moved around a little because of the logging or if they packed their little suitcases and went lookin' for a home! The Catfishin' has slowed quite a bit with just an occasional one being caught on the limb lines.The Bass fishin' is still good in the morning and evening, fishing around the creeks, streams, and deadfalls. And it seems to me that it ought to be gettin' about Crappie fishin' weather. If you haven't already done so, now is the time (past time really) to be checkin' your muzzleloader for broken, rusted or froze up parts and gettin' your lead into tight little groups. Please be sure to check your Muzzloader zones and dates. We have added a few new links on our homepage including, Humor(the adventures of Otis and Buster),recipes and Outdoorswoman.Be sure to try our Sausage recipe it is some good eatin'. Also I have added a few tips on aging your deer.
Once again, thank you for stopping by and for the input you all have given. Each time we hear from you, this site becomes more of YOUR Outdoors In Kentucky.
See ya in a while....

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