Venison Sausage

With Deer Bow season in full swing now, and Muzzleloader season only a few weeks away, I thought our first recipe should be something with Venison. This recipe is one that me and the Father-In Law have developed after several attempts and quite a few spit-outs! I like sausage! Man, I really like sausage! Now, these amounts are not etched in stone.You may want to experiment with the sage and red pepper to suit your taste. Old Plantion Sausage Mix was made to do 25lbs of pork, it will not do that much Venison. We have tried several brands and found them all to be bland at suggested weights,but Old Plantation seems to work best for Venison. Best results are listed first, with alternatives in parentheses. So with that said:
15 lbs of cut, aged, and cleaned Venison
3 lbs of slab smoked jowl bacon (to hold it together)
1 package Old Plantation Sausage Mix
4 heaping tablespoons crushed red pepper (2 tablespoons ground)
3 heaping tablespoons rubbed sage (2 tablespoons ground)
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
Do NOT add any salt before tasting a fried sample!
Cut Venison and Jowl bacon into 1/2-3/4 in. cubes and mix in large pan. After meat has been mixed well, fold in seasonings and mix well. Ground meat can then be stuffed into sausage tubes and smoked or placed into freezer bags.As I said earlier, these weights and amounts can be changed to suit your own taste ( I personally like a little more red pepper),but it is a good starting point.I hope you enjoy this recipe as well as I do.Now, go get'cha Deer.

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