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Welcome to Outdoors In Kentucky!

I would like to thank you for visiting Outdoors In Kentucky.
I have dedicated this site and all it's resources
to the pursuit of personal happiness,fitness and enjoyment
through hunting and fishing in Kentucky.
Who among us can ever forget the pounding of the heart
and the excitement of that first buck appearing,
seemingly from nowhere, standing at 30 yards!
Or the anticipation as that old gobbler finally
raises his head looking for his "ghost" hen!
Remember the one that didn't get away? The Bite! The Fight!
I have assembled what I hope will be an informative and useful site.
I have included links to other sites I think you will find of interest.
Also, I have included Lunar Tables, Tips and Hints, Ideas, and Outdoors Links.
Please take advantage of our FREE e-mail and FREE internet access! Also we have added a message board to post your views and news,
so please leave a post.
The list of links and tips are quite large,
so I recommend that you check out the entire site.
Don't forget to look at our News and Events page
as that is where all of our articles and updates will be.
Please sign our guest book and leave us feedback.
Please take time to read our terms of service and privacy statements.
Once again thank you for visiting Outdoors In Kentucky.
Please feel free to e-mail me with suggestions and cussin's at:,and please remember to:
"Leave it like you found it"

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